PhD-1 Sedimentary Copper (C. Hunter [FQM], J. Mungall [Carleton U.])

PhD-2 Upper Paleoproterozoic in Guiana Shield & West Africa (C. Hunter [FQM], B. Cousens [Carleton U.])

On selected LIPs: Major, trace geochemistry (commercial) and Nd, Hf, Os isotopic data (Carleton University facility) (B. Cousens & C. Rogers)

In-Kind: Rio Tinto Australian facility for rapid and precise LA-ICPMS trace element analyses of mineral (C. Brett, S. Jowitt)

In-Kind: Anglo American access to archival Geochemistry on key LIPs (J. Barr, S. Jowitt [UNV])

Global LIPs Geochemistry Database & Interpretations (C. Rogers)

Forward and inverse petrogenetic modelling of LIP geochemistry for selected events (J. Mungall)

Develop new diagrams to display essential petrogenetic (and metallogenic) characteristics of LIPs (J. Pearce)