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Co-leader / coordinator: RICHARD E. ERNST, Ernst Geosciences, Ottawa, Canadaemail:

Co-leader: WOUTER BLEEKER, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Canadaemail:

Geochronology team: MICHAEL A. HAMILTON, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canadaemail:

Geochronology team: ULF SöDERLUND, Lund University, Lund, Swedenemail:

Geochronology team: KEVIN R. CHAMBERLAIN, University of Wyoming, USAemail:

Geochronology team: PAUL SYLVESTER, Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canadaemail:

Geochronology team: MICHAEL WINGATE, Geological Survey of Western Australia, East Perth, Western Australia, Australiaemail:

Paleomagnetic co-coordinator: SERGEI PISAREVSKY, University of Western Australia, Australiaemail:

Geochemistry co-coordinator: ANDREW C. KERR, Cardiff University, Wales, UKemail:

Geochemistry co-coordinator: PETE HOLLINGS, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canadaemail:

Webmaster: NIKOLA VASSILEV, CyberNick Inc., Ottawa, Ontarioemail: Nick@CyberNick.Net